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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Most of the work a model receives is through a modeling agency. Because of this, it often makes the most sense to get an agent first.And of course, the best way to get an agent is to walk through the agency doors. Most will have an open call or you can just send some snapshots of yourself (3/4 shots and headshots) along with a cover letter. If you know someone who models, accompany them on one of their shoots or see if their agent will take an interview with you. Many models have been discovered this way. It’s even possible to be discovered while at the beach or walking around a mall but in those situations, you rely more on luck. Best to just go to the source—to the agency itself. Whether or not you get an agent, make it a point to find a photographer to do a “Time For Prints” shoot. This is where a professional wants to try out some new ideas or styles on an amateur model who won’t mind the free prints and who won’ t charge a fee to shoot them. In this way, everyone wins. You as the model will not only come out of there with free pics, but you will learn a lot from the experience…and you didn’t have to pay a thing to do so.The great thing about the business is that agencies are always looking for new talent because a model’s career usually ends around age 30. That means there is a constant turnover of talent that these agencies have to replenish. Because of this, being in the right place at the right time can spell success for persistent men and women looking to get into the business. Some aspiring models might think modeling school is a good way to prep them for the industry. On the contrary, this is basically untrue. All they really do is take your money and show you things like table manners that your own mom could’ve taught you for free. Hardly any professional models ever went to modeling school. It’s just not needed for this kind of career. Really, the basics of getting started boil down to getting an agency to notice you. Even though it isn’t a necessity at first to get started, it is truly your easiest way in. Start banging on those doors as soon as possible Jumpstart your acting and modeling career Submit yourself to hundreds of Auditions now! Post your messages or comments on anything that you would like to talk about, or simply post your PICTURE and contact address. Please be polite and use decent words, no hatred topic Boobs are getting bigger - and not, as you might cynically imagine, thanks to silicone. Oh no, we're talking about heaving bosoms of the natural variety. British women's breasts are getting bigger with each generation: the average bust size in the UK is now 36C, whereas a decade ago it was 34B. In fact, British women have received a boost not only in the breast but also the bra department, with the news that Marks & Spencer is increasing its current range by three sizes, right up to a J cup As the nation's leading smalls supplier, M&S is the first High Street brand to meet the ever-increasing demand for bigger bra sizing. "We noticed a definite trend among younger women needing a larger cup size," says Soozie Jenkins, head of M&S's lingerie design. "But these sizes are more difficult to come by, and up until now women had to seek out specialist fitters to get their bras custom-made." Even if women did manage to track down a larger size, it was more than likely to be unflattering, unfeminine and seriously unsexy - like two hammocks slung over their shoulders. The problem was that the sheer physics of keeping a bigger bust from drooping meant using big straps for support. Cups also tended to be dull and unadorned because textured fabrics such as lace would have added unwanted bulk. Today's designs, however, tell a different story as companies have met the growing demand for fashionable sets that combine much-needed support without sacrificing style or sex appeal. While M&S has got the market cornered on the High Street, online stores such as and now stock labels like Panache, which goes up to a 38K, or Lejaby, which runs to a double J. Fashion, too, seems finally to be catering for bigger boobs, ditching the tent-like tunics and shapeless smocks that have dominated the last few seasons - a big-breasted girl's nightmare - and instead returning to figure-flattering tailoring teamed with plunging necklines. Well-controlled curves and a fuller cleavage are a classic combination and make the perfect foundation for this winter's sexy, hourglass silhouette - a look not lost on the A-list. Stateside, Scarlett Johansson is flying the flag for curvy girls in Hollywood and affectionately refers to her breasts as "the girls". "They're my feminine wiles, my charms, and I'm very proud of them," she said recently. Closer to home, Kelly Brook has often spoken out about her struggle to slip into sample size fashion at photoshoots and prefers vintage designs - specifically 1950s fashion - that flatter her 32E assets. Size zero, RIP. The sex bomb is back with a vengeance. Size matters Make the most of your assets with the Lifestyle lingerie guide for bigger breasts. • Do choose a bra with a proper supportive band - the part that encircles your body. It will help to anchor the wires under the bust securely and make for a more comfortable fit. • Don't rule out a soft cup bra. Underwiring can be uncomfortable on a large bust so try a variety of styles before buying. • Do choose straps that are quite rigid, with only a small amount of "give". Eighty per cent of your bra's support should come from the band so there should be little chance of the straps digging into your shoulders if your bra fits properly. • Don't choose a bra with a decorative ribbon trim around the cup. It's more likely to dig into a fuller bust and create the illusion of over-spill rather than a sleek, smooth line. • Do wear your bra on the tightest possible fastening. If it has been fitted to you properly, you will get all of the benefits of support without it pinching your back. • Don't forget to replace your bras every six months. After this time they will have lost their ability to support you properly.

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